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Beweise Dich als meisterhafter Stratege, schlauer Händler und kluger Herrscher in Dragosien, dem Land der Drachen.

Errichte eine Siedlung, baue eine Drachenzucht auf und messe Dich in der königlichen Liga der Drachen.

Spiele online, direkt im Browser, in einer Welt mit realen Spielern, echter Strategie, friedlichem Handel und sportlichem Vergleich.

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<b>Trapezius</b> ist ein erfahrener, erwachsener Drache.

Trapezius ♀ (876 Punkte, 0 Elo)

Trapezius ist ein erfahrener, erwachsener Drache.





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A dragons coloring is something like a human fingerprint. Many dragons have the same coloring but each dragon has its own mixture and pattern of different hues of that color.

It would be impossible to list all of the different hues and gradiations of color that dragons posses. But all these colors can generally be placed into three broad color groupings: the Blues, the Reds, and the Greens.
The Blue Dragons can range in color anywhere from dark blue to silver and mother of pearl.
The Red Dragons can be anything from copper to bright vivid red, such as the dragon at right, to dark reddish-black.
Greens, which seem to be the most common (probably because they generally live in the same environment as humans and are seen more), vary in color from any shade of green to yellow and includes dark brown and burnished gold.
These three principle groups are not usually mixed, however, as mentioned before, a dragons coloring will generally vary with many different hues from one of the main catagories.

Most dragons' scales also cary a metallic luster that makes them shimmer in the sunlight. This is possibly another way of hiding. By using this reflective luster to their advantage, they can reflect the light waves from their surroundings and blend in much like a lizard changes colors.
If a dragon appears pale or his scales are slightly opaque in color, this is a sure sign of poor health. Many dragons are known in assumed name by their colors such as Ancalagon the Black, Temeliay the Gold, or Canth the Brown.